Focus 2014

New Focus For 2014

Over the course of last year, I have tried new things, learned new things, and made new decisions. One of those decisions is to put my hosting services to rest. There are some clients that I have agreed to donate my services to, but I am not taking any paying clients. If you would like a hosting recommendation, I am happy to send you to Reliable Webs or Host Gator. If you have any questions, … [Continue Reading]

Ministry Tech Bytes

Preaching From Your iPad: Avoid These Mistakes

My pastor recently started using his iPad for sermon notes. He hasn't had any major mishaps that I've noticed, but I think he'd enjoy this list. So I'm sharing the Ten Commandments of iPad preaching with you, too. Enjoy! … [Continue Reading]

Managing Your Online Ministry

Church Blogging Toolbox

Church Blog Post Toolbox: 16 Resources To Write Compelling Headlines

A few months ago, I wrote a list of 52 blog post ideas. After publishing the list and working with some of my clients, I realized that many of  you struggle with writing content for the church website. One of … [Continue Reading]

Church Model Release

Does Your Church Need A Model Release Form?

I am helping my church build a new website, and as part of this process, we're taking lots of pictures of our members and those who are participating in our mission trips and other activities. Why? Because … [Continue Reading]

Angry Woman

This Is How You Should NOT Handle Church Conflict

As much as I hate bringing more attention to this, I also think some truth can be learned here from both church members and staff. A pastor in my state recently berated specific people in his congregation -- … [Continue Reading]


Get Rid Of Cell Phones In Church?

A member of my church recently sent out an email with this video commentary on cell phone usage in church: It shows a (perhaps humorous) take on how a church might … [Continue Reading]

Roundabout detour

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Ministry?

A few years ago, my mom drove over to our house to visit, and to take my son back to her home for the weekend. She arrived at our house with no problems and stayed for a few hours, until almost dark. When it … [Continue Reading]

cupcake bakery business plan

Harness your strengths and opportunities with a business plan

Entrepreneurs tend to be visionaries, not planners. We have a great idea, we can see the 5-year and 10-year future, so we go for it. We're like the woman who attended a birthday party and fell in love with the … [Continue Reading]

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